Temporary hygienist and the money they save you

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It’s the holidays. Patients insurance benefits will soon be lost if they aren’t used, and time is running out. But your team is going home to see their families, and your left shorthanded at the exact time that your patients demand to be seen.

It’s time to find some temporary help.

Temporary Hygienist, temporary dental assistant, or temporary front desk are available to serve you.

Doctors need to embrace the concept that their dental office is a business. When retailers like Best Buy are short staff, they don’t close off sections of the store or cut store hours. They have systems in place to get the help they need. Your office needs systems too.

If you reschedule 8 cleaning patients for a day where your hygienist is out, you are sending a clear message to those being rescheduled. Your saying “We cannot accommodate you.” Statistics show that 2 out of 8 patients who are rescheduled will find another dentist.

Hire a temporary hygienist or temporary assistant when your own staff is gone. A single day of lost hygiene will cost you over $1500, and you won’t get it back. Learn more about hygiene profits here: http://www.dentaleconomics.com/articles/print/volume-91/issue-4/features/100000-net-from-hygiene.html

Let go of the idea that your patients “love” your current hygienist and won’t tolerate anyone else. In fact, what they won’t tolerate is being rescheduled. You’ll find that just about all licensed hygienists can do a fine job of cleaning teeth. And you may be pleasantly surprised at how bringing in a fresh face can boost the office spirit.

If your trying to practice without an assistant… well, you’re in for a treat. We’ve all been there. I personally have suffered enough. I don’t enjoy running behind, tearing down rooms, and suctioning while I’m drilling (blindly, I might add). Hire a temporary assistant! Bring them in a day early, while your own assistant is there. Train them so that they are familiar with your systems and materials before they actually start assisting you. A doctor practicing without an assistant will likely produce less that half of what he is capable of. LESS THAN HALF! Practicing when you assistant is gone without replacing her can cost you $1000’s!

Create a system for when someone on your team is gone.

Staffing agencies offer temporary hygienists, temporary dental assistants, temporary front desk, and even temporary dentists. Be prepared. Princess Dental Staffing offers all inclusive monthly plans for Arizona, California, Nevada and Oregon. If you ever need short notice help, they can book you a temporary fill in, quickly. Often in under 3 minutes. But be ready. Set up the system. What happens at your office when your hygienist calls in sick at 6am? Who does what? With a platform like Princess Center Dentistry, you can easily have your office manager book a temp (of her choosing) in under a minute! And it cost nothing (other than the cost of the monthly plans, which start at $39). Try a temporary dental staff today.

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