Temporary Dental Hygienist RDH fill in

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Your phone rings at 6am. You take a look and notice you received a text from your dental hygienist. She’s telling you that she can’t make it to work today because she’s sick.


What are you going to do? Do you have a plan? Are you going to try to get a temporary hygienist to fill in, or are you going to cancel the entire day of scheduled hygiene patients?

Like well-oiled machines, smart businesses just keep on chugging. Why cancel 8 or 10 patients and lose valuable income that you won’t get back (and create upset patients in the process) when you can have a licensed temp in your office within the hour? You knew that eventually this would happen. If you’ve planned ahead appropriately, simply initiate the process and the problem is solved.

There are all kinds of ways to get a temp. But not all of them work, especially in a pinch. Facebook, Linkedin and Craigslist are viable sources for dental personel. But those sources won’t help you at 6am. No…but every big town has a few staffing agencies that specialize in that sort of thing. You can call them up (I wonder if they’ll answer)?

Maybe you’re reserved because you’ve been burned in the past. Are you worried that you won’t like the temp they send? Did the last temp fall behind and make everyone’s schedule suffer? Did you once have a temp who smelled of smoke with facial piercings and an unsightly neck tattoo? Sometimes getting a temp can be a little nerve racking

Princess Dental Staffing can help. Their online platform takes the unknown out of temping. Utilized modern methods, Princess can literally find and book your temp in seconds. And the beautiful thing is, you can pick your own temp. No more wondering who “they” are going to send. View and select your temp from dozens of available profiles that you can see right on your phone or computer. Now that’s smart.

Just be sure to have you account set up and ready to go. There is no charge until you need to use the service (just pick a plan that suits your needs). It will make the process that much faster in the wee hours of the morning.

So the next time you phone beeps before the sun has risen, when you need that temporary dental hygienist, or temporary dental assistant or even temporary dental front office, think of Princess Dental Staffing. There has never been an easier way to solve the problem of sick employees. And rest assured that you have the solution in place for when you need it.


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