Staffing Solutions for your Dental Office

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5 Things you must know about Staffing Solutions

Being a dentist is hard enough. Maintaining a happy staff can present an even bigger challenge. In addition to providing the dentistry, doctors must hire and manage the professionals around them. Multitasking is part of the daily demanding routines of most practicing dentists. To be successful at it, here are a few good rules to consider:

  • Fire quickly, Hire slowly. Words to live by. Finding the right team chemistry is quite a feat. We’ve all witnessed what can happen when things go south between staff members. When you recognize that a team member is toxic to your office, let them go in a timely manner. Don’t draw it out, but rather act quickly and decisively. Everyone will thank you later. When it’s time to hire, take the process slowly. Delegate the hiring of employees to an office manager, who has more time to meet and interview potential candidates. Try employees out for as long as you can before you offer them the job. Staffing agencies may allow you to temp with potential employees before you actually hire them.
  • Experience leads to increased productivity. People notice when a workforce is under trained. There is no better service that you can offer your patients than an experienced staff. It reflects your company in a positive light, and instills confidence in your abilities. In dentistry, expertise will certainly lead to higher efficiency and better customer care. Which in turn will lead to higher productivity and profits.
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Hire your perfect dental team
  • Transform your office and control your environment. They say you will spend more time with the people you work with than you will with your own family. It’s crazy, but it’s true. And uniquely, as a dentist, you can hire anyone you want. Don’t forget that you’re the Boss! So make some good choices. The people you surround yourself with says something about you as a person. Make sure they represent you well. If you see room for improvement, your patients probably see it as well. For more information on processing your team, see
  • Define job roles in the office clearly. Be sure to describe employee expectations in a clear and precise manner using an office manual. Offer simple but detailed duties for each member of your team. Delegate and hold employees accountable for their responsibilities. A team works best when they know what is expected of them.
  • Have a staffing solution plan in place. We all know that even a perfect team must weather a few storms along the way. Staff get sick. Staff get pregnant. Staff move. What is your plan when these things happen? Most offices employ the services of a staffing agency to handle emergency staffing solutions. Make sure that your agency is available when you need them most.

Online staffing is growing and may be your Solution

Princess Dental Staffing understands that staffing your office can be a daunting task. Our founder is a dentist who created our company to offer a smarter and more efficient way to handle staffing problems when they occur. By creating a cloud based automated system, 6 AM hygienist call outs can be filled with a temp in a matter of seconds. No more calling in to an agency and then wondering when they are going to call you back.

Need to add to the team? The addition of a front office receptionist can be handled by simply sifting through a few prescreened resumes. Make some intelligent choices on some interviews…and ta da! The older ways of posting jobs and sifting through countless unqualified applicants seems tedious and rudimentary.

Princess Dental Staffing cannot prevent staffing emergencies in your office. But when they do occur, we offer a quick and intelligent way to handle them. The quicker the solution, the smaller the impact on your office. That’s certainly something worth considering…


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