How much does a dental hygienist make?

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The dental field continues to outpace the rest of healthcare for occupational growth and job creation. And it also can be a lucrative career for those seeking a medical employment opportunity.

So how much does a dental hygienist make? Well, that depends on where the dental hygienist practices. can be a valuable resource to find numbers that you can compare. But there are many considerations that aren’t necessarily reflected in raw data.

Dental hygienists practicing in private practice generally make 10% more than those practicing in group settings. Rural hygienists make significantly less than urban hygienists, up to 20% less. And of course the city or region you practice can influence your wages as well. Live in Seattle? Expect more than those practicing in Boise, Idaho. And in New York, you will be the envy of all (until you share your monthly rent costs). Ranges vary from the low $30’s to upwards of $60 per hour. And everything in between.

And as you gain more experience, you are worth more as well. Can you help the doctor diagnose? That’s worth something. Can you sell teeth whitenings? Invisalign? Fluoride? If so, then this can increase your value. Do you establish loyalty among the clientele? Do patients request you? These are all things that give you some clout when asking your boss for a raise.

And the outlook is nothing but positive. Check out what the government predicts at .

So dental hygienists do pretty well, all things considered. What a great field for you to be a part of.


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