Get hired in dentistry. 6 helpful tactics to land dental jobs in 2018.

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The new year has begun. With it, a lot of workers find themselves hunting for something more. There is no question that after the holiday parties and new year’s celebrations, employee’s often find themselves engaged in reflection.

For job seekers, this is the time to act. Dental hygienist, Dental assistant, and Dental Front Office jobs can be plentiful this time of year. Some openings arise from employee’s resigning, some from families moving, and some from employers who are simply looking to expand. After all, the economy appears to be rolling right now. If you’re looking for a job, I would put it into full gear. Here are some tips to get the job done.

  • Write a professional resume. With the readily available resume writing tools of today, like, there is no excuse for a sloppy Curricula Vitae. Include your schooling. List any continuing education that has broadened your expertise. Keep it formal, and make the page aesthetically pleasing. Be sure that it is up to date, and includes your most recent achievements and positions.
  • Network. Social media can help land you a dental job. Check for local groups related to dentistry. Channels in Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter may present dental opportunities when you least expect it. Short notice temporary dental hygiene jobs and temporary dental assistant jobs are notoriously found in Facebook threads.
  • Stay in touch with dentistry. Talk to friends. Speak with dental product representatives. There are also several niche dental job boards to visit. Keep your name out there and stay visible. Opportunities come to those who find them.
  • Volunteer. There are several organizations that do good for the dental community. Get involved with them Dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants are always needed and welcomed at both national and state sponsored events. Check for upcoming events through the American Dental Association,
  • Boast great recommendations. The people you list on your resume as references really do count. More than 50% of hiring employers call references before making an offer. Include references that can vouch for your worth in you last dental hygienist or dental assistant job. Or list your previous dental office manager or dentist. Be sure that the people you list as your references have agreed to be listed, and you’ll want to be confident that they have positive things to say about you!
  • Be a great interview! You have 30 minutes to make yourself shine. The employer is probably performing back to back interviews, and they can be tiring. Be the breath of fresh air they are looking for. Don’t just answer questions…. engage in conversation. The employer needs to imagine themselves working side by side you. Imagine yourself as the one to get the dental hygiene job, dental assisting job, or dental reception job. Talk to them about things outside of dentistry. Be pleasant and allow them to contribute as well.

We hope these tactics help in your pursuit of dental employment. Remember, the perfect dental job is out there. Keep looking, and we’re sure you’ll find it. Being a dental professional can be very fulfilling in the right environment.


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