Finding dependable dental staffing

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Dental office staffing

Dental offices face some unique challenges. One of the largest is staffing. Locating dependable people to work in your office can be a tedious and time-consuming project. Yet, your staff is one of the most important assets of your practice and can have a huge influence on its success. Building and maintaining a great staff should remain a top priority. Discover more about keeping your staff motivated here:

In today’s marketplace, when it comes to finding dental staff, employers have many more options than ever. The world of online recruiting has opened the door for all kinds of alternatives away from the traditional staffing agencies that once dominated the class. Whether you’re looking for dental assistants, dental front office, dental hygienists or even dentists, using the web can be a great resource to search.

In dentistry’s past, typical staffing firms were often local “stay at home moms” utilizing a Roladex and wall mounted pin map to locate and fill emergency needs as they arose. If asked for candidate recommendations, maybe they could recall some feedback or refer to some notes that they had jotted down regarding input from prior clients. This system was inefficient and slow, but through the process of many phone calls, waiting and call backs, eventually temps and staff could be located.

With advancements in technology, things as handy as your phone can do the work of dozens of stay at home moms- in a fraction of the time. Systems are now dependable and efficient.  Feedback on candidate performance is now automated. Communication happens instantaneously. The web has truly been a great gift in streamlining something that had been such a daunting task in the past.

Dependable staffing solutions

One of the upcoming companies who has grasped the potential of online, “cloud-based” dental staffing is Princess Dental Staffing. By providing a dependable platform to service immediate and long-term needs, they have modernized the staffing industry. And they are dedicated exclusively to dentistry. Need an assistant or a hygienist tomorrow? Discover that you can search, locate and book a temporary candidate in mere seconds. Looking for a permanent front desk employee to begin working next week? Simply sift through the dozens of prescreened resumes, interview and hire. Featuring candidate profile that offer the relevant information you’re looking for, the process is refreshingly streamlined and intuitive. I can’t think of another platform out there that acts as a temping solution, resume base and dental job board all in one.

Princess Dental Staffing has also abandoned the older, more dated system for fees. Forgot the “daily charges” for temps or the dreaded “finder’s fee” if you decided to hire someone. Now enjoy simple and inexpensive monthly plans. For as little as $39, enjoy unlimited temps for an entire month. That means whether you need 1 temp or 10, the price is the same. Oh… and if you hire one of your temps- there is no charge! Brilliant! This format deserves some applauding. For a mere $79, search unlimited resumes or post as many jobs as you want. Download as many candidate resumes as your like and enjoy knowing that background and licensure has already been verified for you. And guess what- when you hire someone, there is no charge! Whether it’s assistants, front desk, hygienists or dentists that you need, this dependable platform can deliver.

We know there are other alternatives out there. In fact, at Princess Dental Staffing, we use them all to our advantage. We have a continually recruit using Craigs’ List, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Monster and others. We sift through their candidate pools and select only the best and most qualified to feature on our own site. If you decide to post an ad on one of these boards yourself, you’re only going to get a fraction of the candidates we already have. See for yourself! You can View Candidates in your area anytime for free!


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