Getting Your Resume in the YES Pile

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You want to be the job applicant who gets the interview, right?

Of course!

The first step is getting your resume shortlisted by the hiring manager. And we’ve got the insider secrets to help!

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make some changes to your resume, cause we’re about to get you…

…into the ‘Yes’ pile! 

Step One: Do Your Research

WAIT! Don’t send your general resume just yet…

Consider the specific position you’re applying for and target your resume for that position. Here’s some key points:

  • Summary. Include a summary of qualifications that matches the desired qualifications for the job
  • Skill Match. Edit your skills or experience to match those needed for the job
  • Keywords. Take keywords from the job posting and add them to your resume

While a general, non-targeted resume might do fine, consulting the job description is a sure way to assure you don’t mistakenly forget to list an important requirement or qualification your future employer might want to see.

And a mistake like that could potentially cost you the chance to interview…

Step 1 Do your research

Step Two: Open Strong

It shouldn’t surprise you…

Dental hiring managers are busy! Too busy to read your resume.

And if the dentist is in charge of hiring…you can forget about it. 😞

Studies have shown, your resume has less than ten seconds to make that good impression you want and need so desperately! Because the hiring manager isn’t reading your resume…they’re skimming it!

Here are a few quick tips to help you get their attention within that short, precious window of time:

  • Keep it Short: try to keep your resume brief and to the point, observing a two page maximum in most cases
  • A Cover Letter: including a cover letter is a great way to give a snapshot of what you have to offer (your prospective employer)
  • Make it Legible: while the urge to make your resume stand out in a more visual manner is understandable, avoid using small or hard to read fonts

You may also want to consider formatting your resume for readers that skim.

  • Mission Statement: Place it at the top of the page, making it easy to see first.
  • Bold. Use a bold font on the words you want to stand out, especially job titles.
  • Bullets. Include bullets after each job title to match skills, experience, and qualifications to the job description.
Step 2 Open Strong

Step Three: Follow-Up

This last step is so simple, you might be tempted to skip it. But don’t miss the opportunity to win the interview!

Make sure you follow-up after you submit your resume!

That goes double for resumes sent out digitally to an email address or through the dental practice’s website.

While sending a follow-up email may suffice (you and I both know it feels less aggressive)…

It’s hard to beat a phone call. It’s a perfect blend of ‘convenient’ and ‘personal.’

When’s the best time to call?

Within 2-3 days of submitting your resume.

If you know for a fact that the hiring manager is busy, three days might be more courteous. But be careful not to wait too long! 

Step 3 Follow up

The follow-up call is a great chance to establish a personal connection with a vital contact, so don’t waste it.

Having some meaningful questions prepared about the practice and the position may give you a chance to glean insight as well as start a conversation. The person in charge of hiring will feel like they know you a little better, and it will show strong initiative.

Get the Interview

With such a competitive job market, you must have a resume capable of standing out above the rest if you want to land that interview. Since time is one of the biggest factors influencing the average employer’s abilities to determine who is right for the job, knowing how to get on their radar is key (to getting an interview).

If you want to put your resume leagues ahead of your competition, then just follow these three simple steps for success:

  • Step One: Do Your Research
  • Step Two: Open Strong
  • Step Three: Follow Up

If you’re a hiring manager, let us know what you look for in a resume in a comment. Or, let us know how you make your resume stand out!

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What does it take to get your resume into the yes pile?
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