How to Write a Resume With No Experience

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How do you write a resume for a front office position in a dental office when you don’t have any experience?

I know it can seem kind of daunting but there is a way to do and I’m going to share how you can accomplish this.

Making a List…

There’s a technique that I use for clients who want to change careers and it’s a very easy technique and it’s very simple but I think it’s very effective but I’m gonna share how I do this…

So first step one you have to do your research.

First and foremost…go to any job posting board: Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Princess Dental Staffing…and take a look at some of their dental front office position postings.

I would take a look at maybe four…five…six and then I would make a list of all of the words that you keep seeing repeated over and over and over again

Make a list of about ten or fifteen words that represent the qualifications for the job, words you see repeated and a lot of these job postings.

So for example, you might see customer service over and over again, or friendly, or organized, or maybe you see listed several times some of the systems that they want you to have experience with like Microsoft Office, Google suite, or something like that…

So make a list of the top ten or fifteen that you see repeated over and over again and then…

Checkin’ it Twice

Step two…

Make a list for yourself again top ten or fifteen words or phrases that accurately describe you and that you want a potential employer to know about you and then compare the two lists and see where there’s an overlap.

So maybe you see the word friendly coming up over and over again for a front office position you know that wouldn’t be too far-fetched of course you have to be friendly you’re dealing with a lot of clients all day, right!?

And maybe on your list you have listed that you’re a friendly or courteous person, or that you have good listening skills

So there’s no overlap there so make sure that you take those words and key phrases that overlap in both of those lists and pepper them throughout your resume.

It shows that even if you don’t have the exact experience they’re looking for you definitely have the skills. So that’s definitely one way to really make your resume pop to a potential employer!

Get Creative!

Another thing to consider is you know most people they organize their resume and you know they have the two most important things like work experience and education and they don’t think to put anything else on their resume.

Have you ever volunteered somewhere?

That’s work experience!

How about some of the projects you’ve done on the side?

That can be work experience too!

You just gotta get creative.

Maybe you went to college and you had a lot of projects that you worked with other people on that shows teamwork that shows collaboration that shows a lot of different skills that could be brought to this potential new position…

So don’t just stick to you know skills or your work history and your education and some skills in there talk about some projects talk about some things you’ve done on the side talk about your interests all those things are just as important especially if they bring the skill set that your potential employer is looking for.

What’s a tip you use to write a resume when you have no work experience related to the job you’re applying for?


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