Preparing a Dental Front Office Position Resume

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Dental front office positions are extremely important to a dental office, as they help to ensure that the office as a whole is running smoothly and efficiently. They are usually the first person that a patient speaks to when visiting a dental office or scheduling an appointment at one, so it is crucial that the employees in dental front office positions are knowledgeable, helpful, and have good communication skills. Dental front office employees make sure the dental office runs properly so that the dental professionals in the office can focus on outstanding patient care and necessary treatments.

What Does a Dental Front Office Position Consist of?

As the backbone of a dental office, dental front office employees have many roles and responsibilities: 

  • Schedule: The schedule and cancel patient appointments
  • Handle:  Handle billing and insurance forms
  • Process:  Process payments, answer the phone to answer any questions or concerns
  • Manage: Manage office inventory, and order new supplies
  • Greet: Greet patients as soon as they arrive for their appointments and procedures and answer any questions they may have.

How to Prepare a Resume for a Dental Front Office Position

There are many different factors that make up a quality resume, that will allow you to stand out from your competition and hopefully land an interview at your dream job. Here are some important elements to include in your dental front office position resume to submit to your favorite job opportunities . . .

1. Relevant Work Experience

If you have any prior work experience within the dental field or with another front office, administrative, or receptionist positions, it is important to include them in your resume. Explain what your specific tasks were on a day-to-day basis and what computer programs you used, if any. Make sure to list these in reverse chronological order, so that the hiring manager can see your most recent work experience first.

2. Proper Skills

Skills are great to have on your resume, both on a professional level and on a personal level. Describe any work-related skills that you learned and implemented with previous jobs, such as customer service, data entry, phone systems, patient care, and computer fluency. Also include any personal skills that you currently have that will be beneficial to a dental front office position, such as good communication, organization, active listening, collaboration, and writing. You can write all of your skills out in a bulleted list and can explain how you implement each of your skills while on the job.

3. Level of Education

Dental front office positions usually require a high school diploma or higher to be considered for the role, so it is crucial that you have your education level in your resume. Here are a few things you should have listed: 

  • Name: The name of the schools attended 
  • Years: The years attended 
  • Major: The major achieved
  • GPA:  The GPA earned 
  • Academic achievements: Extracurricular or academic achievement relevant to the position you are applying for. 

Why should you list these under education on a resume? 

Because it is beneficial to list these and explain each one below your education as well. It can help you stand out among the sea resumes HR receives.

You can even create a separate section for achievements, volunteer experience, and extracurricular activities if you have a decent amount to list.

4. Objective or Summary

Including an objective or summary on the top of your resume will give the hiring manager reading your resume a brief overview of who you are right when they begin reading. 

Your objective or summary should be a short paragraph that is straight to the point about who you are, and what makes you the perfect candidate for their open job opportunity. You should be as specific and detailed as possible, without it dragging on. Again, your objective or summary should be a short and sweet paragraph at the top of your dental front office position resume. 

Objectives and summaries are two different things, and you can choose which one you’d like to include. 

A resume objective talks about what you’ve learned so far with your education and previous work experience, and why you’d be a great fit for their position.

A resume summary outlines your previous work experience and top achievements so far. An objective and a summary are both helpful and will benefit you regardless of which one you choose to put on your dental front office position resume. 


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  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this wicked post! It is absolutely on point and we use pretty much every single thing you mentioned in our hiring process (although luckily we struck gold with one of our colleagues and she’s worked out great and we haven’t had the need to hire since 🙂
    The one thing we also do is situational exercises to see how our candidates handle themselves (under the pressure of the interview situation which gives extra credibility) and we include this in our overall evaluation.
    Thanks for this article, great summary!

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