Office Managers and Hiring Skills

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I hope your Monday is going very very well thus far and that you’re being eased into the new week and nothing too strenuous but hopefully for you this Monday.

Let’s jump into today’s topic this topic is office managers and hiring skills and why it’s important for office managers to have good hiring skills

Office managers are going to have at least a hand in the hiring if not doing the hiring yourself, so it’s important for you to have good hiring skills so that you can interview the right candidate and so that you can hire the best candidate that best fits your office in the needs of your office. That’s why it’s important for office managers to or for office managers to have good hiring skills.

When we talking about hiring skills what are we talking about well sure had this to say about it sure means to the Society for Human Resource Management if he’s never heard of them before but cherm has this to say they listed a few different skills that are in part involved in hiring skills and I really like them.

So I’m going to share them with you now.

Control the interview

Good questioning techniques and good listening skills very important because that helps you control the interview. It helps you guide the interview the way that you want to go and help you ask all the questions that you want to ask to ascertain the breadth and the depth of this candidate skills and knowledge and abilities.

Promote good communication

Also, the ability to promote good communication so that is a really big one right because you want to make sure that your candidate is communicating all the things that you want you are interested in knowing about them so when you talk about promoting good communication it’s not just setting aside enough time for the interview or making sure that you find a nice quiet that’s the interview.

Ask the right questions

It’s also about asking open-ended questions.

So not just asking those yes or no questions but asking open-ended questions that allow the candidate to explain some of the things that they’re trying to explain.

Also asking the right questions. Asking job related questions, because if you kind of veer off courses by asking non job-related questions you might get in some legal hot water.

You want to make sure that you’re asking the questions that directly relate to the position to the job, competencies and the job duties are interested in knowing about.

Promoting good communication so those skills are the ones that Sherm started human resource management mentioned and I would add two more to that list.

Note taking is a skill

First, good note-taking skills.

You want to make sure that you’re taking good notes throughout the interview. You can also record the interview if you want to. Just make sure you ask the candidate first if it’s okay. But at some point even if you’re listening to it later you’re probably going to be taking notes later. So being able to take good and thorough notes and highlighting the most important parts of the interviews.

Be analytical

Another skill on say is analysis analytical skills because when it comes to the hiring process you have to look at the position and you have to analyze which job duties are most important and which competencies job competencies are most important right so that you can ask the correct questions in the interview and learn about all the job competencies that the candidate potentially has.

Then later on you have to analyze the candidate answers to those questions and analyze the candidates knowledge skills abilities experience education and determine how well they fit in your office and how well they’re going to carry out the job that you are hiring for.

You also have to analyze between candidates and analyze each candidate as they compare to each other and as they all compare to the position. So a lot of analysis going on there.

Those are the different types of skills that are included in hiring skills if you have any other skills that you can think of that you think are really important to being or having good hiring skills and being a good interviewer and hirer, feel free to comment!

Thanks for tuning in! I hope your Monday is going wonderfully and I will see you tomorrow.


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