Improving Communication in Your Dental Office

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Today’s topic is improving communication in a dental office

Today I’m going to be talking to you about some some tools and some tips that can help you improve communication in your dental office, so let’s just jump right in…

Rule #1

First, in order to improve your communication in a dental office, rule number one: Be a good listener.

Being a good listener is probably the number one way and the easiest way to improve communication in the dental office is to be as good as this listener make sure that when somebody’s talking to you that you are not just waiting for your turn to respond but that you are actually listening so that you are obtaining all of the information that somebody is trying to share with you.

Okay so rule number one listening

Rule #2

Rule number two: minimize your statement or your point.

When you’re trying to communicate something to somebody make sure that you’re only including the most basic information, just the stuff that they need to know down to the nitty-gritty okay because if you add a lot of extra information you know you can lose somebody’s interest and then they just stop listening all together and again let’s say number one it’s important so in order to keep your audience’s attention make sure that you’re minimizing and that you’re only using the absolute essentials in your information that you’re giving.

Rule #3

Number three: Use analogies for complicated communication.

Now this is something that that I’ve used quite a bit so I’ve been in Human Resources. I was in human resources for over ten years and you know sometimes you really have to explain complicated policies and procedures to people.

I found when you really can’t minimize that much when you’re explaining something to somebody I use analogies, a lot actually. So I relate these complicated processes and procedures to something else and it kind of helps paint a picture in the person’s mind of what it is I’m I’m trying to convey and what it isn’t trying to explain

Bonus tip for improving communication

So those are the three ways that you can improve communication in your office but I’m going to give you a bonus tip today.

My bonus tip is to use “what I’m hearing is” or “what you’re saying is.”

I’ve mentioned this tip before in a previous video but I really feel like this is it’s a very simple way in a very effective way to ensure that you understand what is trying to be communicated to you because sometimes people don’t minimize sometimes people don’t use analogy sometimes people have a hard time listening you know maybe they just have a different communication style than you.

Maybe their first language isn’t English but you still have to be able to communicate with this person. So sometimes what I’ll do is if I’m having a hard time understanding somebody what I’ll say is “okay so what I’m hearing is that you you know blah blah blah whatever it is so and that0 gives them an opportunity to either say “yes that’s exactly what I mean,” or “no that’s actually not what I mean at all.”

So those are some tips to help communication in your dental office. If you have any other communication tips and tricks, comment below.


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