Importance of Leadership in Office Management

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As an office manager, you are truly the backbone of the office as you make sure that the office as a whole is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. 

You are expected to lead your team no matter what, through any struggles or difficulties that the office may face over time. 

As a successful leader, you will be able to get the team back on track and working effectively again. This is why it is important for an office manager to provide good leadership on a daily basis.

What Does An Office Manager Do?

Office managers have many roles and responsibilities that ensure the smooth running of the office. Some of the main tasks that an office manager has to complete are:

  • Organizing and scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Ordering office supplies and managing inventory
  • Supervising and monitoring work of staff
  • Implementing various procedures and protocols to maintain office efficiency 
  • Ensuring that the office is clean, safe, and orderly 
  • Preparing presentations, reports, and proposals for the office 

Even though these are the most common responsibilities of an office manager, they could also have more tasks on their list as well depending on the needs of the company. 

Regardless, the office manager handles many administrative operations and employee delegation to make sure that the office is successful and efficient.

How Do I Show Leadership As an Office Manager?

There are many different ways to show leadership as an office manager, that all help to lead the office to much success. 

While many employees and team members may turn to you for guidance and support throughout challenges they may face, it is important to lead them properly so they are comfortable and confident with their work and what is expected of them. 

Here are some ways to show leadership in the office as an office manager.

Effectively Communicate

Since an office manager is the backbone of the office, you will have to monitor the work of employees, and will have to delegate work as well. 

Communicating to your team effectively is extremely important, so everyone knows that their roles and responsibilities are, and what is expected of them on a day to day basis. 

Make sure that you have strong verbal and written communication skills, and are clear and concise when you are speaking with others.

Listen To Your Team

Listening skills go hand in hand with communication skills, because you can’t communicate properly if you do not listen to the wants and needs of your team. Make sure that your employees know that they can come to you with anything, good or bad. 

Also ensure that they know you will hear them out with whatever they have to say, and will help to comprise a solution to a problem if there is one.

Be Confident

Staying confident with yourself, your team, and your company is important when things go wrong. Leaders have to exert confidence and decisiveness while on the job to build trust with their employees and team members. 

Keeping calm even during difficulties and struggles can help your team feel more calm too. This will help you all to come up with solutions for any problems you may be experiencing, and will lead to increased productivity.

Lead By Example

A major part of being a successful leader is to set an example for your team. If you are always working hard, staying focused, and showing up and completing work on time, they will be more likely to do the same. Model the behavior that you wish to see from them on a daily basis.


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