Why Dexterity is Important for Dental Assistants

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I hope everybody is saying safe and healthy out there and if you’re in an area where they’re doing a lot of shutdowns and a lot of quarantine procedures and everything I hope you’re getting through that okay. I hope everyone is doing really well!

Today’s topic is dental assistants and dexterity and why it’s important for dental assistants to have good dexterity.

What is dexterity?

Let’s start off by talking about what dexterity is.

Dexterity really refers to skill and performing job duties. More often than not it refers to job duties that are more manual using your hands.

Why is it important for dental assistants to have good dexterity?

It’s really important for dental assistants to have that dexterity because you’re working with a lot of dental tools that are small and you’re working in a very small space a lot of the time and you’re trying really hard not to hurt your patient.

So really important for dental assistants to have dexterity so that you can use those dental tools and different different tools in a very small space and be very careful and cautious and aware of what your hands are doing at any given time.

Ways to improve dexterity

Some of the ways that you can actually improve your dexterity that are not in the office include taking up a hobby outside of work. For example playing a musical instrument or engaging in a craft such as like knitting or crocheting or something like that and that will actually help you improve your dexterity.

To refine your manual dexterity, the ADEA suggests things like drawing, painting, sewing, cross-stitch, and playing musical instruments. This study also showed practicing skills at home helps,

If you have any other tips that might be helpful in improving your dexterity, please leave a comment.


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