Dental Office Managers and Administrative Skills

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Today’s topic is office managers, mainly dental office managers and why it’s important for office managers to have administrative skills.

Let’s jump right in to today’s topic!

So the definition of administration is the management of any office business or organization.

With that in mind, it becomes really clear why it’s important for office managers to have to have administrative skills because that’s a big part of the job, just making sure that you’re directing all of the tasks that are occurring in the office and making sure that they’re supporting the business and supporting the office

So when it comes to administration very very important for dental office managers to have administrative skills because that’s essentially what you’re doing that’s the essence of the job, making sure that everything is going the way it needs to go.

So when we talk about administrative skills so really administrative skills the list of skills that fall under administrative skills is not exhaustive…

Essentially administrative skills or any skills that you have that you can apply to your job to make sure that you’re meeting your goal that you’re meeting the the goal of directing the office and supporting the business.

So the list is not really exhaustive but I did take out a few skills that I think are in the sense that our administrative skills but that are indispensable to being a good for an office manager.

Clerical Skills

So clerical skills are definitely important. Clerical skills are really those skills that involve using a computer, using office equipment, typing, filing, correspondence, that sort of thing. Those all fall into our clerical skills.

It’s very important for an office manager they have clerical skills because you’re gonna be doing a lot of those tasks.

HR Management Skills

So another one is personnel or HR management skills or you know you could also say workforce management. All those terms basically mean the same thing. It means the managing of your people so hiring, training, developing, performance reviews, and performance management.

All of those different job duties fall under human resources management, personnel management, workforce management.

So these are very important skills to have because if you are an office manager, you’re managing at least one person. You’re leading at least one person, but likely a team of people in order to support the business.

So that’s HR management skills.

Leadership skills

Leadership is another very big skill set for dental office managers to have.

You’ve got to be able to lead your people, right?

Again, if your for an office manager, you’re managing at least one person, probably a team of people, so you’ve got to have those leadership skills, which involve prioritization of work, communication, fostering collaboration between your team members.

Operational Management Skills

Lastly, operational management skills. Those are kind of a big skill set as well, but basically operational management has to do with finances and with resource allocation and those sorts of things.

Basically operational management means that you are making sure that the business and the office has everything that they need in order to run the business and also that you have that patient basin that you have those customers coming in and that you’re doing all that medical billing etcetera and making sure that you have more money coming in than is going out to run your business.

So those are just some skills that fall under administrative skills.

If you think of any others that you feel are indispensable to being an office manager in a dental office, leave it in a comment.


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